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Basics of dogging you’ll need to know

Basics of dogging you’ll need to know

Unlike an adult party of a wife swapping evening at a private residence, you don’t need an invite to go dogging. There are a few items that you can take along with you if you want your evening to be a success and we’ll tell you all about it in our Dogging basics.

The thing with this lifestyle is that it is a very informal activity and from the surface it seems like there are no strict dogging rules. Although that is true dogging basics to involve a few do’s and don’ts that we call basic etiquette. If you follow our advice then you can feel comfortable that you won’t cross any line and behave out of order.

Dogging is a night sport, enjoyed just after dark as a lot of the locations are family areas in the day. For example a heritage site in Wales that are frequented by tourists and families on Saturday mornings and by naughty couples during the night. To make sure what the best time are to visit the various spots in the UK, browse our location listings according to area and see there when you should visit. If you follow this basic dogging principle then you won’t get into trouble with rangers, the law or with families.

Always prepare yourself before going out by being hygienic and taking the correct items with you. The essentials are wet wipes, deodorant, tissues, mouth wash, KY jelly, disposable gloves, condoms, a blanket and warm clothing. Also don't forget to get the directions to the place so that you don't get lost and miss out on the action. You should always dress appropriate and keep easy access in mind. If you are a female you could wear a skirt with no underwear and a top with a zip. Comfortable shoes are also a must and you can get tips about what shoes to wear on our forums.

A frequently asked question by ‘newbies’ on our site is always: “what do you do when you arrive at the car-park or layby”? As soon as you arrive you need to give a good indication to other couples or single people if you want them to join you in the play or if you just want them to watch. You also need to respect the privacy of other adults and look for their signs before you take any action. Flashing headlights or leaving the inside light on a car is a good indication that voyagers are welcome. Even better is a rolled down window or open car door inviting everyone to get closer and maybe even experience some of the action.

Personal safety is a very important dogging basic. Put your personal belongings like your wallet and cell phone away in the glove box; don't just leave it lying around on the car seat. If you are worried about your privacy then it helps to use an alias and not your real identity when you make contact with potential sex partners. The most important advice that we can give you is to enjoy yourself. Know your limits, try new things if you feel like it, respect others and end the evening on a high note and then go home.

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