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Dogging For Dummies

Dogging For Dummies

Many people are very curious about adult lifestyles such as dogging and swinging but so many of them have absolutely no idea of what is involved. Generally, they grasp the basic concept that swingers have hot sex with people outside of their relationship and doggers enjoy copulation in public places with varying levels of openness and risk.

There is more to these sensual activities than meets the eye but should they so far sound like something you would like to sink your teeth into, then we’re here to tell you what you need to know about them. In addition to this, how to find a sexy participant to share your new steamy experiences with.

What Is Dogging?

This is a broad term that defines al fresco, adult fun that a surprisingly massive amount of people like to participate in. There is a variance on the types of places where doggers are active from the cliche scenario of a sole car rocking in a secluded car park, to the shameless park bench for the world to see.

Ohh That’s What You Were Doing Is It?

The name ‘dogging’ was derived from single men that would spy on couples fornicating in their cars back in the eighties. When the police force or park rangers would enquire as to what was their purpose for being out at silly ‘o’clock in the pitch black, they would answer that they were innocently walking their pooch as opposed to perving on the nearby, live sex scene taking place. This concept of being spectated whilst getting your rocks off soon grew in popularity as the outdoor sex scene expanded and now you may find many rather inconspicuous individuals ‘walking their mutt’ in the dead of the night.

Outdoor Sex Here To Stay

Dogger Despite this activity of exhibitionism and voyeurism being mostly born of a British culture, there are people the world round who have now begun to delve into this extrovert, sexual world and utilise our site to find their next swinging or dogging partners. So, wherever you may be on the atlas, check out our extensive database of members from those who are seasoned enthusiasts, to those who are virginal and need a helping hand getting started. There are people from all backgrounds and experience levels active on our platform, take a look and find your self someone to get you going!

Searching for your perfect outdoor area for action can be almost just as entertaining as the act itself with our extensive database of worldwide, event sites. We list these hot spots according to country, area and location to make things easier for you to search. So if the sound of dogging really whets your whistle then have a look through sex personals uploaded by our 2 000,000 plus horny members. Or take a peek at the galleries and then should you like the look of something you see follow the links through to the owner of the image’s profile page. You can even get in touch with them by using our internal mailing system or by inviting them to the one on one chat rooms or for a steamy video chat session.

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